The Earth is everybody’s home; we aim to keep it as clean as we can. Our services use 100% eco-friendly products. You have peace of mind because all our products are free from nasty chemicals.

Bitcoin Friendly!

We are Bitcoin-friendly! We are the only domestic cleaners in Melbourne to accept it. We also accept the usual methods of payment.


Hassle Free Bookings

We take the hassle out of cleaning services. You can give us a call, or do it online. We’ll send you a free quote before you confirm. When you pay we ensure secure transactions. We respect your privacy to the highest standards.

Personalised Cleaning

Maybe you need a bit of cleaning or maybe you need a lot. Either way, we tailor our service to your needs, and we go out of our way to make you happy. It’s what we do, after all.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Not everyone goes above and beyond. Our experienced team treats each home as if it was their own.  We aren’t the only cleaning service in Melbourne, but we intend to be the one that you trust. Meeting your expectations isn’t what we do: we aim to exceed.

Sharing Economy

Currently we are one of the few agencies that provide a dedicated Airbnb service. We believe in generous hospitality and want to make it easy for everybody. We provide three levels of service: Neat & Tidy, Squeaky Clean, and Impeccable. For Airbnb customers we offer a full linen service.

Ethical Approach

Ethical business is good business. We benefit by doing the right thing by people which is why we embed that into the service that we provide. We are committed to sustainability, which is why we choose eco-friendly, and embrace opportunities such as the sharing economy.

Our Cleaners

We value the experience and professionalism of our staff, helping deliver a professional and friendly cleaning service. Our staff undergo police checks to ensure your safety.


We get that keeping a home clean isn’t easy, and not everyone has time to do it. Fortunately we offer a range of green home cleaning packages for you to choose from.

So you’re moving out and you don’t have enough time to get it ready for the agent. Not a problem! A thorough clean will help you with that security deposit and maybe earn you a good reference from your landlord.

When sharing your place with visitors, you may need to freshen it up before your next guest arrives. Fortunately we offer a range of airbnb cleaning packages for you to choose from.

In the bathroom or kitchen, tiles are difficult to clean. It’s messy, uncomfortable work, and—depending on your method—nearly impossible to do perfectly.

You’d be surprised how much dirt and dust gathers on windows. We have the right tools and knowledge to make your windows shine.

We’ll take care of the carpets, rugs and high-traffic areas of your home, on the stairs, or where pets and children spend quality time. Your house will feel new in a matter of hours.