3 Great Eco Friendly Cleaners for Your Home

Have you ever thought about how many chemicals and toxins you come into contact with every single day?

Whether it’s in your food, cosmetics, home cleaning products or simply the air you breathe, our bodies are ingesting huge amounts of toxins and pollutants daily. Even worse, unless you’re detoxing regularly, these chemicals can stay in your system long after they’ve been absorbed and lead to chronic health conditions and illness.

One of the best things you can do to curb the amount of toxins you’re exposed to is changing to eco-friendly cleaners for your home. As well as helping your body and health, you’ll also be lowering your environmental impact – by making the positive change to environmentally-friendly products you’re contributing to a more positive future for the whole world.

Clean home, clean conscience. Read on to hear our top 3 eco-friendly cleaners for your home.


1. White Vinegar – One-Stop Miracle Cleaner

White vinegar has been hailed by many people as the one-stop miracle cleaner – they use it in all areas of the house, for a multitude of purposes.

Because it is a (non-toxic) acid and mild disinfectant, white vinegar is great for cleaning household areas such as kitchen benches, bathrooms, toilets, floors and even streak-free glass shower-screens and windows!

Quick Uber Clean tip: it’s also a great way to keep ants at bay – simply spray some vinegar on your kitchen bench, window sill, or doorways and pesky trails of ants will disappear.

2. Bicarbonate Soda – Neutralise Bad Odours

Bicarbonate soda, or just bicarb as most Melbourne residents will call it, is wonderful for eliminating and neutralising odours. This makes it a very handy and multi-purpose product to use all over the home.

You can use it to get rid of any smoke smells in your carpet, rugs and curtains and to neutralise food odours in garbage and wheelie bins. Do the same thing for your pantry or fridge, without causing any damage to stored foods or drinks.

Instantly deodorise pet odours from carpet or soft furnishings, and even sprinkle some bicarb in the bottom of your cat’s kitty litter – it’ll reduce smells considerably! While remaining environmentally-friendly.

Another secret cleaning power of bicarbonate soda is its ability to remove stains, such as rust marks on counter tops and coffee stains in mugs. Simply mix up a little bicarb paste and watch it dissolve the tea or coffee marks from your china.

3. Eucalyptus Oil – Clean, Fresh Disinfectant

With its wonderfully fresh, clean smell it’s almost no surprise that eucalyptus oil is a great eco-friendly cleaner.

With excellent disinfectant and antiseptic qualities, the oil makes a great cleaning product for the toilet and bathroom, without causing negative impact to our waterways. Use it on tiles, sinks, toilet bowls and showers. And mix 2 capfuls into a bucket of hot water for a safe and effective floor cleaner.

Eucalyptus oil also makes a very handy stain remover for marks on leather, clothes, or sticky adhesive labels stuck to any kind of surface – just always be sure to do a trial spot test first.

We hope these great multi-purpose products have provided you with some inspiration for cleaning your home in a new and environmentally aware way. Check back for more of our top eco-friendly cleaning products soon.

Author: Kerrie-Anne Chinn

Freelance Copywriter & Editor, working with ethical companies to create positive change.