5 Reasons Why You Need a House Cleaner

There are many reasons why hiring a house cleaner can make a positive impact on your life.

With many Melbourne home owners living increasingly busy lives, it’s become harder for many people to keep on top of regular housework and home maintenance. For people who are also going through important transitions in their lives, such as pregnancy or injury, it can be even more of a struggle.

Hiring a house cleaner can lighten your load, as well as ensuring you’re preserving the value of your property. It’s also an essential investment if you’re considering selling or renting your home, for short or long term periods.

Read on to find out more.


1. Take Care of Your Biggest Investment

For Victorian home owners, your house or apartment is most likely your largest investment, and the biggest purchase you’ve made to date.

When you think of it in this way, you can see how important it is to take proper care of it. Properties that are well-maintained and always kept in good and clean condition will retain their value, as well as their appearance.

If you’re someone who leads a very busy life and can’t find the time that’s needed to put into your home, it makes sense to let someone else take care of it for you. Spending money on professional cleaning services is in no way a luxury – it’s actually an investment in the value of your home.

What’s more, when you let things around the home fall into disrepair or poor condition you’ll need to either have them repaired or replaced. Investing in professional home cleaning services will save you money in the long run.

2. Spring Clean Your Home – Professionally

Even if you’re the kind of person who feels on top of their house work and runs a tidy home, there’ll always be those cleaning jobs you sometimes neglect, or simply hate!

You might be very good at keeping your main living areas and bedrooms spotless, but don’t pay as much attention to the state of bathroom or laundry tiles, or cob-webbed corners high above. A professional home cleaner will tackle everything in your home – dust, grime, dirt and everything in between. So why not let the experts in occasionally, for a thorough Spring clean?

In fact, having your Melbourne home cleaned at the end of Winter is a great idea, to take care of any dust or debris that’s built up throughout the cooler months, including fireplace soot and rain marks from wet clothes and feet.

3. Get Your Home into Shape for Renting or Selling

One of the most common times for home owners to engage the services of professional house cleaners is when they are putting their home up for sale, or planning to rent it out. In both cases, the property will need to be in impeccable condition – looking, smelling and feeling fresh for future buyers or tenants.

You’ll want your house or apartment to showcase its best condition, to fetch the highest price or rental figure possible. Experienced house cleaners will guarantee this, taking one less stress out of the property market process.

Quick Uber Clean tip: if you’ve had pets living inside the property, be sure to have your carpets professionally steam cleaned to ensure they smell fresh, as well as look clean.

4. Prepare Your Property for House Swaps or Airbnb Guests

Guest accommodation today is far more flexible and exciting than previous decades, with house swaps and Airbnbs offering affordable alternatives to regular hotels and motels.

If you’re preparing your home for a house swap or Airbnb guests, you’ll want to make sure it’s comfortable, well-presented and impeccably clean for your visitors. This will also ensure they respect your home and leave it in the same tidy state they found it in.

A good house cleaner can make sure that all the big jobs are taken care of, such as cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, as well as paying attention to the little things you may have overlooked yourself – for example, inside the oven, skirting boards, cupboard interiors and tile grout. With this kind of expert attention, you’ll be getting great feedback in no time!

5. Bring Your Life into Balance

Sometimes we go through periods in our lives where things become less balanced – for example, you’re working longer days in the office, spending less time at home, and suddenly you realise you haven’t properly cleaned the house in weeks. Sound familiar?

Or you may be going through a more serious life transition – experiencing pregnancy, recovering from an injury, becoming newly single or a brand new Mum. All of these life changes can affect general routines and lifestyles.

In these times, a helping hand at home can be a real life-saver. Hiring a professional house cleaner can get you back on track, bringing your home into shape and making it easier for you to maintain in between. If this has made you think about someone you know, why not give them a house cleaning service as a surprise gift!

Author: Kerrie-Anne Chinn

Freelance Copywriter & Editor, working with ethical companies to create positive change.