Rental property living room

5 Ways to Customise Your Rental Property

Renting a property in Melbourne? Even though you might not own the home you’re currently living in, you’ll no doubt want to make it look and feel like your very own.

There are many ways you can customise a rental property, to make it more ‘homely’ without compromising your rental agreement.

Here are some tips for making your rental feel more comfortable and reflective of your own unique style!

Change the Look of Your Home with Floor Coverings

First things first – the floor coverings of your rental property will make a huge impact on the overall look of your home.

Fortunately, if you aren’t a big fan of the existing carpet or tiles, you do have the power to change it! There’s nothing wrong with covering ugly or worn flooring with your own large rugs and mats. This is a really easy way to quickly lift and brighten any room.

Doing this will also instantly warm up the space, which is handy in Melbourne winters.

Rental property living room

Get Rid of Any Old Curtains or Blinds

Many rental properties come with existing curtains or blinds – and let’s face it, they’re often pretty old and outdated. But you know what? You can remove them in just minutes.

Take down any window coverings that are letting down the look of your place. Fold and store them safely, for when you exit the rental property. Then go wild choosing the curtains and blinds of your choice!

Sheer or plain white curtains will always look fresh and modern. Or you can choose a bright and bold fabric to reflect your individual style. Replace old, run-down venetians with new timber blinds for a clean, minimalist look.

Consider Different Lighting Options

Just because your rental property has bright fluro overhead lights in the kitchen, doesn’t mean you have to use them.

While you can’t make structural changes to the lighting of your home, you can experiment with using different sized lamps to create the best lighting for you.

Floor lamps can be used as statement pieces, working particularly well in lounge rooms to turn living spaces into an area that reflects your own unique style. Lamplight will work wonders for any room, creating a warm, homely vibe.

Display Your Favourite Artworks

Most renters know that the best way to make a place feel like home is to add some art to the walls. But you need to be careful that you don’t cause any permanent damage to walls of the house.

When hanging artworks in a rental property, it’s best to avoid drilling holes into walls. Many Melbourne homes are fortunate to have beautiful fireplaces inside – display framed pieces along mantles or on shelving.

This goes for any hanging mirrors too. Lean them up against walls instead, which will also help to create depth and space to a small room.

Create Unique Storage Space

Some rental properties can be a bit of a let-down when it comes to storage space. While most modern houses have in-built wardrobes, many older homes in Melbourne won’t have this luxury.

Why not add your own unique storage ideas, giving you plenty of extra room while adding a personal touch to different rooms?

You could add a cool island bench or trolley to the kitchen. Find free-standing wardrobes for the bedrooms. Add bookshelves to living spaces and lounge rooms. For each new piece you bring into the property, you’ll be adding extra functionality while creating a new look and feel for your home.

Each of these steps will help you customise your rental home, without damaging the property, compromising your lease agreement or risking your bond money. In fact, your property manager will probably appreciate you turning the house into a home!

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Author: Kerrie-Anne Chinn

Freelance Copywriter & Editor, working with ethical companies to create positive change.