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Keeping your home clean can be a time-consuming hassle when you try to do all of the work yourself. When you lack the time required to do a quality job yourself, you inevitably will skim over important tasks. You may even procrastinate much longer than you should have. Either way, the result is the same—your house never seems to be as clean as you would like it to be. At Uber Clean House, our Armadale house cleaning services make it easy for you to enjoy a pristine home without having to do any of the work yourself. We provide an eco-friendly approach to house cleaning, because your home isn’t truly clean if it’s riddled with harsh chemicals.

With an easy appointment-scheduling system and convenient availability, now is the perfect time to schedule your Uber Clean House service!

Why We’re Different

At Uber Clean House, we want to be your #1 choice when it comes to house cleaning in Armadale. We don’t just guarantee satisfaction, we work hard to ensure we are a cut above the rest, leaving you with a home that’s clean, eco-friendly and hassle-free.

  1. Customisable Services

At Uber Clean House, we understand each of our customers has unique cleaning needs. After all, some of our clients want weekly house cleaning services, while others only need a thorough and in-depth seasonal cleaning every couple of months. We also offer more specialised cleaning services, such as window cleaning and carpet steam cleaning. We let you customise your cleaning service to suit your needs, from how often our team visits, to the specific types of cleaning you need.

  1. Satisfaction Guarantee

We are proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee begins as soon as you book your house cleaning appointment through our easy booking form through to our professionals coming to you and performing a perfect clean. Our customers are so satisfied with their clean and their experience we instantly become their only choice for house cleaning, steam cleaning and window cleaning.

  1. Eco-Friendly Approach

Our team of cleaning pros only uses environmentally-friendly products. This is not only part of our commitment to keeping the environment clean and healthy, it’s our commitment to you and your family. Many cleaning providers use harsh chemicals that at best, damage the environment, and at worst, can result in allergic or asthmatic reactions and pose a health risk to you and your loved ones. At Uber Clean House, you can rest easy, knowing your home isn’t being covered in harsh and toxic chemicals.

What to Expect

When you book with Uber Clean House, your experience will be different. You can view our calendar and set up an appointment for a time that is convenient for you. In many cases, our team can be at your door and ready to get to work within a few days or less after you make your appointment. We will arrive promptly at the scheduled time so that you are never kept waiting, and we will have all of the supplies on-hand to complete the best quality work.

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