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Are You Cleaning Your Home Properly?

You might think you’re doing a pretty good job of cleaning your house, keeping on top of the dishes, wiping kitchen benches daily and vacuuming floors once a week. But there are certain areas of the home that can often be overlooked when cleaning – even by the most diligent of housekeepers.

As professional home cleaners, we know how important it is not to overlook these spots, if you want to see a real difference in the look and feel of your home. To help you out, we’ve outlined 3 of the most commonly neglected areas and how you can start adding them into your cleaning routine.

Clean Your Microwave Once a Week

Many people assume that their microwave will kill any bacteria in food while heating, but that’s not actually the case.

This means it’s important to keep the inside of your microwave as clean and hygienic as possible, by giving it a proper clean at least once a week. We recommend using a natural, chemical-free cleaning solution, to avoid contaminating your food with nasty chemicals and smells.

To clean the inside of your microwave naturally, add half a cup of white vinegar to half a cup of water, using a microwave-proof container. Microwave this solution for a minute or two, or until you can see the window steaming up. Then simply wipe down the interior with a soft cloth.

Cleaning home

Clean Out the Fridge Every Month

You may be a little shocked to hear that the inside of your refrigerator could be a common breeding ground for bacteria. Fridges are often overlooked when cleaning, as they appear to be safe from dirt and dust, but it’s the things you can’t see that pose the most danger.

With vegetable crispers often containing 750 times the safe level of bacteria, it’s vital that you clean them out regularly. Once a month, wipe out the whole interior of your fridge using a natural all-purpose cleaning spray made of white vinegar, baking soda and water. These natural ingredients are non-toxic and mildly disinfectant, making them perfect for the inside of your fridge.

Quick Uber Clean tip: place a small bowl or cup of baking soda on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator – this will get rid of any bad smells in the fridge, without causing any damage to stored foods or drinks.

Clean Mattresses Every Two Months

While you’re probably (or hopefully!) aware of the importance of keeping bed linen fresh, you may not be cleaning your mattress as often as you should. Without regular cleaning, mattresses can become hosts for dust mites, germs and bacteria, as well as stained and stale-smelling.

Give all mattresses in your home a thorough clean every couple of months. Once again, we recommend using the natural power of baking soda to keep mattresses smelling fresh and clean. Sprinkle some baking soda across the top of the mattress before vacuuming – this combination will absorb stale odours and give your mattress a deep clean.

Let Professional Cleaners Take Care of Your Home

If you find it hard to keep on top of housekeeping, why not look into hiring a professional home cleaning service? A professional cleaner will know exactly how to get your home sparkling clean and fresh, paying attention to those areas of your house that may often be overlooked.

Author: Kerrie-Anne Chinn

Freelance Copywriter & Editor, working with ethical companies to create positive change.