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What to Expect from Your House Cleaner

Are you looking at hiring a house cleaner for the first time? Professional home cleaning services can offer a practical helping hand for anyone who is short on time, working long hours or just needs a little extra help to keep on top of things around the home.

You’re no doubt hiring a cleaner to make life better for you and your family, allowing you to relax and enjoy a sparkling clean home. So it can be quite disappointing to pay money for a cleaner, only to keep finding streaks on mirrors and pesky cobwebs in corners after they’re gone!

While every home is different, as are our individual preferences and standards, there are certain things that you should expect from a professional cleaning company. To avoid any miscommunication or mismatched expectations, why not make a list of the things that are important to you, that you’d like your cleaner to do each time they visit?

Here are some things you might like to consider when making your list, to ensure a smooth working relationship with your cleaner and a beautifully fresh-feeling home.

Clean, Streak-Free Surfaces

Want to know one of the best indicators of the quality of cleaning work being done in your home? Look at the surfaces in your home after a professional home cleaning service. If you can’t see any streaks or product residue on your windows, mirrors, floors or bench tops, you know you’ve got an expert cleaner on your hands!

Less experienced or less thorough house cleaners may leave lint, residue or streaks across home surfaces – so even though you can tell they’ve been recently cleaned, you can also tell their products or methods aren’t up to scratch.

Did you know that natural, chemical-free cleaning products are some of the best for giving a streak-free, polished finish? White vinegar is a particularly effective eco-friendly cleaner for spotless glass shower-screens and windows.

House cleaner

Close Attention to Skirting Boards

Skirting boards are also a tell-tale sign of neglect. Even with freshly scrubbed walls and floors, allowing skirting boards to gather dust and dirt will detract from the overall appearance of your home.

Some cleaners may do a great job of cleaning the floors, but it’s also important to remove dust, lint and debris from skirting boards, particularly if you have pets at home. Expert cleaners will wash skirting boards regularly, helping to give your home that super clean look and feel.

Remember, just because your cleaner uses heavy duty cleaners and harsh chemical sprays, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your home is being cleaned properly. It’s the little things and attention to detail that make a house feel like brand new.

Cobweb-Free Ceilings and Corners

As we said earlier, it’s incredibly frustrating to enlist the services of a professional cleaner if they’re failing to get rid of cobwebs from the corners of rooms. Cobwebs are a part of Australian life – even the most diligent housekeepers will see them building up on ceilings and walls over time.

Like dust on skirting boards, leaving cobwebs to build up in corners can really let down the appearance of your home. Even though they’re hard to reach, ceilings and walls should be regularly dusted, especially high up in the corners of each room.

If you find your home cleaning service is neglecting any of these areas, or standards have started to slip over time, you can go back to your list to make your expectations clear again. Don’t be afraid to speak up! Professional home cleaners will welcome your feedback and appreciate having a clear idea of what you expect from their services.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how experienced cleaners get such sparkling results, check out these house cleaning tips from professional cleaners.

Author: Kerrie-Anne Chinn

Freelance Copywriter & Editor, working with ethical companies to create positive change.