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Not every cleaner is dedicated to offering eco-friendly cleaning services that are specially tailored to keeping your home in great shape the way Uber Clean House do. Not only do our Fitzroy house cleaners provide an eco-friendly alternative to other cleaners, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It’s the reason so many renters, busy professionals, homeowners and those searching for high-quality house cleaning after being disappointed with traditional cleaning services come to us.

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Why We’re Different

The last thing you want after coming home from a long day of work is a messy kitchen, un-scrubbed bathroom and dusty carpets or floorboards. At Uber Clean House, our 100% satisfaction guarantee means you never have to worry about this again. We provide a simple, user-friendly booking process and our team of dedicated, professional cleaners will leave your house with a like-new shine every time they visit.

  1. Hassle Free Bookings

We eliminate the hassle of traditional cleaning services by making bookings hassle-free. You can either book our eco-friendly services online or get in touch with us via email. Before confirming your booking, we will issue you with a free quote. Upon paying for your cleaning services, we will ensure the transaction is secure and your privacy is maintained.

  1. Personalised Cleaning Service

Whether you want a lot of cleaning or just a tidy up, our cleaning service is tailored to your precise cleaning needs. Our service is personalised to make you happy and meet your cleaning needs. You can select from a range of options, select specific rooms or areas of the house and add specialised services like carpet cleaning and window cleaning to your booking.

  1. 100% Eco-Friendly

We strive to keep the earth as clean as possible, because the earth is everybody’s home. That’s why our eco-friendly cleaning services strictly utilise 100% eco-friendly products. With our service, you have peace of mind that our products aren’t hiding any nasty chemicals. Our service is 100% dedicated to sustainability.

  1. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Not every cleaning service will go above and beyond their clients’ expectations. At Uber Clean House, we’re proud to work with an experienced and dedicated eco-friendly cleaning team that cleans every home like it were our own.

What to Expect

Whether you’re looking for window cleaning, a full home cleaning, steam carpet cleaning or any other eco-friendly cleaning services you may need, contact Uber Clean House and experience the difference of our diligent, eco-friendly approach.

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