How to Use Lemon as Part of Your House Eco Cleaning Routine

Lemon is one of the best natural cleaning agents. People are increasingly turning to using environmentally friendly products to clean their home. And for good reason too, as harsh and toxic chemicals can do more harm than good.

What’s even better is that we can grow lemon in our backyard, in Melbourne too! It’s cheaper than chemicals and actually good.

Fresh lemon is a wonderful green cleaner and a natural disinfectant due to its high levels of citric acid, low pH and antibacterial properties.

It doesn’t have negative effects on your health, and it will leave your house smelling fresh and looking shiny.


lemon cleaningCleaning the stove with lemon

Most people find it very difficult to clean the stove especially if the cleaning is not done regularly. However, using lemon this task can be a breeze.

To keep it simple, you can take a fresh lemon, cut it in half, and then rub it over the stove surface. Sprinkle with baking soda, and gently scrub the stove surface with a soft sponge. Finally, wipe thoroughly with a damp cloth when you are done.

Kill the bacteria in the microwave

As part of your eco cleaning routine, you can also use lemon to deodorise your microwave. Microwaves tend to collect bad smells from all the different food that you reheat. They become choke full of bacteria.


To give your microwave a quick and easy antibacterial clean out, just follow these easy steps.

First, mix freshly squeezed juice (usually half a lemon is enough) and add ¾ cup of water to a microwave-safe bowl. Heat it up for about two minutes or until it boils. Then just let it stay there for about 10 minutes in order to kill the bacteria in your microwave. The heat acts as a humidifier to loosen up any food that is stuck inside the microwave. Now just use a damp cloth to wipe your microwave and you are done!

Easy. Wasn’t it?

Author: Uber Clean House