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Living with Pets? Follow These Steps for Fur-Free Living

If you’ve got a long-haired cat or dog, you no doubt know the struggle of living with pet hair. As much as you love your animal friend, it can feel like a constant battle to keep the house and furniture clean and fur-free.

Things can become even trickier if a household member is prone to allergies or asthma – or worse, allergic to your pet! In these cases in particular, it’s really important to know how to manage pet hair, especially when pets start losing their winter coats.

Here are some tips to help you co-exist peacefully with your furry friend, without letting their fur take over your home.

Removing Pet Hair from Furniture

Pet owners will know how futile it is trying to keep cats or dogs off the couch. And if you’re dealing with a fabric-covered sofa, the pet hair can become a real problem, leaving you and your guests with fur all over your clothes.

So what can you do to solve this dilemma? Well, when it comes to de-furring your sofa and soft furnishings, rubber gloves are a professional cleaner’s secret weapon! The rubber attracts all the pet hair like a magnet, meaning you can quickly remove it from cushions, couches, and even curtains.

Wearing rubber gloves that have been slightly dampened, simply slide your hands over all fabric surfaces, and you’ll be amazed to see how much pet hair is removed from upholstery items. You can use the same method to wipe over timber blinds and tables, de-furring your lounge room quickly and easily.

cat fur

Keeping Floors Free from Pet Hair

Sick of vacuuming every day? Pet owners will know that the struggle is real. Floors can be particularly hard to keep clean, as this is where your pet will spend most of their time.

When it comes to carpeted floors, you might often have to keep running the vacuum over the same patch of carpet before you can get rid of all the fur. Here’s a tip: using a large hard-bristled brush, run it over the carpet in long sweeps, collecting as much pet fur as you can and gathering it into one large clump. As you vacuum it up, you’ll notice you can remove a lot more hair that way.

Tiled floors and timber floorboards are much easier to keep clean of fur – sweep or vacuum daily. Rubber brooms are especially good at removing all pet dander and hair from floors. And use a microfibre mop regularly, to really help your home feel fresh and clean.

Controlling Your Pet’s Fur

In addition to using these techniques around the home, it’s best to manage pet hair at the source. Are you taking time to groom your cat or dog properly?

Daily grooming can really help to reduce the amount of pet hair circulating around your home, and being left on couches, carpets and beds. There are plenty of grooming brushes and tools that have been specifically designed to remove the thick under-layer of your pet’s coats, significantly reducing the amount that they shed. With regular grooming, your pet will be much happier – especially feline friends, who will have less hairballs!

If anyone in your household suffers from allergies or asthma, try these techniques to manage the pet fur in your home – we’re sure you’ll see a difference.

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Author: Kerrie-Anne Chinn

Freelance Copywriter & Editor, working with ethical companies to create positive change.