smarter greener energy choices

Make Smarter, Greener Energy Choices this Winter

As Melbourne temperatures drop and the nights get chillier, you may have just fired up your home’s central heating for the first time this winter. If you’re an Airbnb host, it’s likely your guests are doing the same!

As a host, you can start making smarter energy choices for your property that will get the green tick for energy efficiency and sustainability. With many travellers now looking for more eco-friendly travel and accommodation options, you’ll attract the business of these sustainable travellers, while reducing your energy consumption, being kinder to the environment and saving money on your electricity and gas bills in the process.

To help you achieve these targets, we’ve put together some information to help you, and your guests, save energy this winter in your Airbnb. Read on for some practical energy-saving tips.

smarter greener energy choices

Save Energy While Keeping Warm

As a guest, make sure you turn off all heaters when you leave your room for the day. Unplug portable heating devices when you’re not using them and switch off any reverse-cycle air conditioners or central heating.

It’s tempting to leave the heater running, plug in an electric blanket, or use your heater to dry and warm clothes, but try to avoid these high energy options. Using throw rugs, hot water bottles, scented heat pillows or simply a woolly jumper and slippers can be just as effective and cosy, while being much better for the environment!

Longer, hotter showers can also be a temptation during the cooler months, but try to stick to your normal shower routine to save on water and energy consumption.

Keep Your Heaters Clean and Green 

For Airbnb hosts, it’s a good idea to get your heating system professionally serviced before each winter, to make sure it’s in top condition before the months where it will be used the most. A clean, well-maintained central heating system will offer increased energy efficiency.

Keeping your heating ducts and any fireplace or heater areas of your hotel, apartment or Airbnb clean and free of dust and debris will also ensure your heaters work more efficiently. However, make sure you leave certain parts of the heating system, such as filters and fans, to professional cleaners.

Professional Cleaning for Better Energy Efficiency

Having your apartment or Airbnb cleaned at the end of the winter months is a great idea, to take care of any dust or debris that’s built up throughout the cooler months, including fireplace soot and rain marks from wet clothes and feet.

Professional cleaners can help you get your Airbnb immaculately clean and winter-ready for your guests. If choosing energy-efficient energy solutions is important to you, you may like to use the services of an eco-friendly cleaning company.

Eco-friendly professional cleaners will expertly take care of your housekeeping and linen services, while using chemical-free cleaning products and ethical, sustainable practices – ensuring clean accommodation for your guests and a clean conscience for you.

Author: Kerrie-Anne Chinn

Freelance Copywriter & Editor, working with ethical companies to create positive change.