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Natural Home Cleaning Tips for Allergy Sufferers

Keeping your house spick and span can be a great way to reduce the amount of allergens in the home. However, did you know that many commercial cleaning products can trigger allergy-like symptoms?

Many people suffer from allergies brought on by household dust, pollen, moulds or pet fur and dander. And unfortunately, in your effort to remove these allergens from your home, you could actually be making things worse!

So, what can you do if you have allergy sufferers in your household? Find out how switching to natural home cleaning products can really help reduce allergy-like symptoms, while leaving your home feeling sparkling clean and fresh.

How to Recognise Allergy Irritation

Many household cleaning products contain a cocktail of harsh chemicals and ingredients, such as formaldehyde, ammonia, and sodium lauryl sulphate. Not to mention all those nasty synthetic fragrances you’ll find in most cleaners.

When you think about it, it’s no wonder these products are getting up your nose! If you’re regularly experiencing allergy-like symptoms, it could very well be due to your choice of cleaning products.

Common signs of irritation that can be caused by commercial cleaners include:

  • Sneezing
  • Itchy and/or watery eyes
  • Itchy throat and/or nose
  • Congestion
  • Wheezing
  • Asthma attacks
  • Skin rashes

Bottle of water and a green plant

Switch to Chemical-Free Cleaning to Reduce Allergies

If you, or any of your family members, are suffering from these symptoms, it’s worth cutting out the use of chemicals around your home to see if it will help in any way.

Switching to natural, chemical-free cleaning products can help reduce the risk of allergies greatly, as they’re made of non-toxic ingredients that are much less likely to cause allergy symptoms.

Even better, you probably already have a lot of these inexpensive, everyday items in your pantry. Believe it or now, natural household items such as water, lemon, white vinegar and baking soda are able to clean just about anything. They’re also highly effective, with results that are just as good as commercial cleaning products, if not better.

Besides, not only are homemade, chemical-free cleaners better for allergy sufferers, they’re also friendlier to the environment and the health of your family – including pets!

Take a look at our favourite eco-friendly cleaning products and see how easy it is to clean effectively with items you already have.

More Tips for Reducing Allergens in the Home

In addition to cutting out the chemicals in your home, you might want to follow these tips for reducing household allergens.

Add these tasks to your weekly cleaning routine to help the allergy sufferers in your home.

  • Declutter each room, to reduce the number of items collecting dust
  • Invest in a vacuum with a HEPA filter and vacuum regularly
  • Wash any blankets and throw rugs in your lounge
  • Wash all bed linen in hot water each week
  • Put doormats at each door, to reduce dust and dirt being carried inside
  • Make sure you aren’t leaving any unsealed food out around the kitchen

And next time you’re purchasing household cleaners, remember to read the labels and make a conscious effort to avoid cleaning products that have chemical ingredients.

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Author: Kerrie-Anne Chinn

Freelance Copywriter & Editor, working with ethical companies to create positive change.