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Quick Cleaning Tips for When Unexpected Guests Arrive

We’ve all been there, relaxing at home, when a friend or family member announces they’re “just around the corner” and will “pop in for a quick visit.” Panic station!

People always seem to arrive at short notice just when your house is at its worst. And even though deep down we know our loved ones won’t care if our home is a bit untidy, or if there are dirty dishes on the sink, it’s natural to want to make a good impression.

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed and panicked next time this happens. We’ve put together a quick guide of cleaning tips for you to follow when unexpected guests arrive, so you can have your home looking fresh and presentable in just fifteen minutes or less.

First Things First

The most important step is to realise that there’s no need to try and clean every single room of the house. You just need to focus on the areas your guests are likely to see during their visit.

Picturing your home through the eyes of someone else will help you focus on the quick jobs that need to be done – then you can blissfully ignore the rest. After all, most people will only really see the entryway, kitchen, lounge room, toilet and bathroom. So these are the areas you’ll want to quickly blitz!

women on the porch

De-Clutter Your Entryway

Because this will be the first area your friend or relative sees, it’s worth spending a couple of minutes on it. Clear the entryway of any clutter – school bags, shoes, pet toys, jackets – and put everything into a nearby cupboard or bedroom instead.  

Super Quick Floor Clean

Next, do a super quick run over the floor with your broom, dustpan and brush, or vacuum. We’re talking about only the most basic of thoroughfares, which may be the route from your entryway, down the hallway, and into the lounge room. Even the quickest vacuum or sweep will freshen up the look and feel of any room.

Wipe Down the Bathroom

If you’ve only got a few minutes to focus on the bathroom, give the toilet a quick clean with the toilet brush. Got a shower curtain? Hide any clutter behind it or put all the clutter from your basin top into the cupboard below. Then wipe over the basin and benchtop and swap the hand towel for a fresh one. Done!

Fast Kitchen Clean-Up

Last, but not least, tackle the kitchen. You’ve probably got about five minutes left. Get rid of any rubbish bags and take the bins outside. Then wipe down all the benchtops, putting away anything that’s been left out.

If you’ve got a dishwasher, quickly place any dirty dishes inside and close the door. If you don’t, try and get through as much washing up as possible. But don’t stress too much – friends and family tend to gravitate towards the kitchen, so even if you’re still washing some dishes when they arrive, you can finish things up while you chat and put the kettle on.

Once you’ve whipped around the house and completed those tasks, simply shut the door to any other rooms and get ready to greet your guest with a smile!

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Author: Kerrie-Anne Chinn

Freelance Copywriter & Editor, working with ethical companies to create positive change.