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Living an eco-friendly lifestyle isn’t just trendy or some kind of fad. For many South Melbourne homeowners and renters, it’s a vital part of protecting the environment around us and it’s all about the little changes we make each day, like ensuring your home is doused in harsh chemicals that are damaging to the environment. At Uber Clean House, we are 100% committed to eco-friendly cleaning that doesn’t harm you or the environment and we match our commitment with dedicated, diligent, thorough cleaning.

It’s time you found out why so many in the South Melbourne area relying on Uber Clean House for all of their home cleaning needs. Make your first booking or get in touch with us today!

Why We’re Different

By choosing Uber Clean House, you can be sure your home will be safely and thoroughly cleaned and entirely free from harmful chemical residues and air pollutants. We’re not only 100% committed to eco-friendliness, we’re also 100% committed to your satisfaction and we guarantee it. Find out why we’re the top home cleaning choice for so many Melburnians.

  1. Eco-Friendly

So many traditional cleaning companies employ harsh and sometimes dangerous chemicals to get the job done, but not Uber Clean House. We only use environmentally-friendly products to make your home one you enjoy coming back to after a long day at work. We know the earth is everyone’s home and we want to protect it, as well as you and your loved ones.

  1. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee isn’t just some marketing tagline, it’s a real commitment we make to each and every customer. It’s our commitment that by the time our friendly and professional cleaners are done making your home shine, you’ll make us your only choice for professional home cleaning.

  1. Experienced, Professional Team

We’re proud of what we do and we know we have our dedicated, professional and experienced team to thank. Our cleaners stand a cut above the rest because they go the extra mile to meet our 100% satisfaction guarantee. So many of our customers come to us after having experienced lacklustre service from other providers. It’s something we’re proud of and we don’t take it for granted.

  1. Personalised Service

At Uber Clean House, we understand that not only is each home different, each of our customers is different. We understand that each of our customers relies on us for different things, so we’ve made our service completely customisable. Using our handy online booking form, you can select the exact service you need for your home, whether it’s the frequency with which our cleaners visit or the jobs they complete around your house.

What to Expect

Book your first Uber Clean House cleaning service through our simple, user-friendly online booking form and let us handle the rest. Soon you’ll experience the extra mile our cleaners go to ensure your happiness and satisfaction and keep your home sparkling all year round.

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