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No one likes a dirty, uninviting home, but cleaning the home is a chore no one enjoys doing. That’s where we come in. We’re Uber Clean House and we want to show you why we’re one of Southbank’s most trusted cleaning service providers. We’re here to help and we’re here to do it in a way that won’t hurt Mother Nature or your loved ones. If you’re looking for something different in a professional cleaning service, get in touch with Uber Clean House today to find out why we’re the only choice for Southbank residents.

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Why We’re Different

If you’re looking for a professional and reliable home cleaning service, the Uber Clean House team has your back. We don’t just talk about going the extra mile, we’ve become the go-to cleaning service for so many Southbank residents because we really do it, from our diligent home cleaning, through to our carpet steam cleaning and thorough spring cleaning options.

  1. Eco-Friendly

Our environmentally-friendly service will safeguard you from harsh cleaning chemicals making their way into your home. Traditional household cleaning products can be hazardous to your health and often leave grimy residue or awful odours. We set ourselves apart from other cleaning services by making a commitment to being eco-friendly.

  1. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We like making our customers feel good. If you’ve dealt with less-than-stellar cleaning services in the past, it’s time to experience the Uber Clean House difference. We guarantee satisfaction because we know our dedicated and diligent team will go that extra mile to leave you with a clean, sparkling home.

  1. Experienced, Professional Team

Uber Clean House can dazzle you with home cleaning results that are exemplary in every single way. If you want your kitchen to look bright and pristine, we can help you. If you want your family room to look fresh, welcoming and flawless, we can help you. Our residential cleaning is second to none and it’s thanks to our dedicated team of experienced, professional cleaners.

  1. Personalised Service

Every home is different and we know this. That’s why we offer all of our customers the chance to truly personalise their Uber cleaning experience. Using our simple online booking portal, you can select the services you need to make your home look fresh and tidy, a place you’ll enjoy coming home to every day.

What to Expect

Book your first Uber clean and you’ll quickly see why we’re one of the Southbank area’s most trusted professional cleaning services. Use our handy online booking form to create your own personalised cleaning package and leave the rest to us.

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