Airbnb Amenities

Top Amenities for Your Airbnb Listing

Apart from making sure that your Airbnb property is clean and as described in your listing, it is equally important to offer the basic necessities like Wi-Fi and throw in some nice bonus perks to surprise the guests.

As a host, amenities can really make or break your Airbnb listing.

They are often a difference between a great well written review and a mediocre review. Guests really love the amenities and it’s even better if some are not mentioned on the listing but are rather
scattered throughout the apartment to act as a surprise for the guests.

Whether a small snack for tired guests who arrived during the night because their plane was late and they missed to buy their dinner in the shops, great amenities can be a world of difference.

Airbnb Amenities

Apart from having your Airbnb listing clean and equipped with essentials such as clean linen, towels fridge, and microwave, coffee and tea, think about the following.

As previously mentioned Wi-Fi is a must and so is a TV even though it is not used as much these days. You should have an iron and a small ironing board which really comes in handy especially for business travellers who didn’t have time to organise the laundry and are in the last minute rush.

Hair dryer is one of the most overlooked amenities but is really a must have even though our climate may allow you to get away without it.

Essential safety equipment like smoke alarm and carbon monoxide  detector, and first aid kit are highly recommended. Airbnb even sends some of these things to you for free.

Also think about the following:

  • cleaning supplies
  • bathrobes
  • paper towels
  • blender or/and rice cooker

Now if you really want to go that extra mile and add even more value to the apartment maybe have a bike or a surfboard. This should mean you could increase the price per night just a little but more importantly it will make the guest feel just like at home, improve your hosting experience, and hopefully reviews.

Author: Uber Clean House